Lighted Glass Blocks

Learn How to Make Lighted Glass Block Crafts!

Learn MY SPECIAL TIPS to making the perfect glass block light for any holiday and any occasion with these 10 SECRETS...

Everyone that sees these crafts, LOVES them!  Lighted glass block crafts are the perfect gift for any person and occasion.

In this 31 page ebook, you'll learn the SECRETS OF GLASS BLOCK DECORATING SUCCESS:

The SECRET to buying blocks  – pg 4

The SECRET to drilling the hole in your block – pg 6

The SECRET to cleaning your glass block – pg 8

The SECRET to decorating your block and adding designs on the glass block – pg 9

The SECRET to using the correct lights – pg 19

The SECRET to getting cheap supplies – pg 21

The SECRET to making bows for your block – pg 23

The SECRET to making glass blocks for night lights, weddings, and other occasions – pg 27

The SECRET to selling your blocks for profit – pg 28

The SECRET to making small glass blocks  – pg 30

GRAB this EBOOK now so you can start making GORGEOUS lighted blocks for:
Night Lights
and MORE!!

You will be be directed to the download page for this amazing ebook as soon as you send payment!  That means you don't have to wait to learn how to make these gorgeous glass block crafts! 

You'll learn all the tools you need to make these lighted glass blocks PLUS where to get cheap supplies AND how to decorate them with over FIFTY ideas on how you can decorate your blocks!

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Glass block lights are a BEAUTIFUL and unique craft that are very eye catching!  You can decorate these blocks for all occasions and holidays.  You'll always have a gift on hand to give surprise holiday guests. PLUS you'll be known for your creativity and thoughtful gift-giving when you personalize each glass block special.

Glass block crafts may look easy to make, but can actually be very difficult to master IF you don't have the proper instructions on how to:
* drill holes in the glass
* properly clean the glass dust
* buy cheap supplies
* fill with the proper lights
* add creative designs that will stay in place
* make a gorgeous decorative bow

In my ebook titled SECRETS TO GLASS BLOCK DECORATING SUCCESS, you'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to make and SELL these amazing craft blocks for profit!

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Remember:  for a LIMITED time, you can grab this $27.00 ebook for ONLY $12.00 when you pay on this website with Paypal.
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